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The activity of L’ARCOBALENO CARRARO TEAM, is now consolidated in time.
In 20 years of activity, we have way, way strengthened ourselves as organizers,
leaders of youth activity, competitive and amateur; grows our commitments
in school in curriculum time , we have identified and traced permanent paths
in mountainbike, we proposed courses for teachers of mountainbike and we
are working to enhance Rovereto and also Trentino through the
«Centro Federale Ciclismo Fuoristrada Giovanile», already recognized by the FCI.
For years we are at the pinnacle of off-road movement in Italy and abroad;
the media devote ample space on us, with our athletes we are leaders in the
rankings of performance , our nursery is always a clear point of reference
for those who make youth activities. Our “Captain” is MARTINO FRUET, 3 times
Italian Champion individual and twice in team. He is currently third in the charts
of Top Class in Italy and the first 75 in the world; 2nd italian in the World Cup.
For the next 2013, we will try, a target of international victory. Beside him,
is PIPPO LAMASTRA, Elite class ’84, in the national orbit and have room for
improvement. He sees FRUET as a “master” and then a surplus value that few
teams have; also said “if then since there is MTB in Italy,
there is CARRARO TEAM …. there is a reason!”.
Confirmed Elite, for 3 years also entered the ranks of the Military Sports Center,
MARCO BIANCO who excel specially in the ciclocross enough to be the 2nd
italian in the UCI ranking and consistently in the top 20 in the world,
35 races in Italy/Belgium/Netherland.
The 26 year old Mexican Champion XCO and Panamerican,
DANIELA CAMPUZANO has grown a lot and completed her university studies,
a Biologist: for her the Olimpic Games in Rio is a big goal, it will be through this
results that Mexico will seek qualification. In the third year of Elite, she won
8 races and was at the top 70 in the UCI ranking in the world.
Beside her, comes fresh 2nd place in the Italian Championship Under 23 both
in Ciclocross and Cross Country, already the Italian Champion
“Donne Esordienti” and “Donne Allieve”, ANNA OBERPARLEITER; will not
be easy with the Elite, but want to learn fast! Another highlight, in the women
youth, will be the 19 year old ALESSANDRA BIANCHETTA, already an Italian
Champion both individual and relay newcomer in 2008 and in 2009
as an “allieva” category. Holder in the women's national team led by Paola Pezzo,
with a brilliant 7th place in the European Championship 2011.
National in 2012, suffered in the second half of the season; 5th in the Italian Cup
and won Cup in the City of Rovereto and 1000Grobbebike. Maturity permitting,
will try to do well in the new cattegory of Women Under23.
Evelyn Staffler, 28 year old, did not find availability in the workplace
to return as part-time, and for shared decision will have the ID card as
Elite Woman. With a potential that places her close to the best Italian elite,
with two Italians won, a 6th place in the World Marathon, she may well appear
in the Cross Country, and that in the Marathon. Completing the female
workforce, Barbara Oberdorfer returning in the spring after maternity leave and
Ilenia Lazzaro (bi-UCI road world champion juornalists) who alternate the
Ciclo Cross Country. And then young, 15 athletes entered in the competitive
categories FCI. Under 23 Yari Cisotto, Ciclo-cross specialist who will approach
in the MTB, after always being on the road.
Among the youngest who was added in the group this year is the new comer Zaccaria Toccoli and the least Emanuele Huez and Antonio

In the Master category the very valid JARNO VARESCO (2012 Italian Champion
of the Mountain and in the World VVFF in time trial), the re-entering
Francesca Lonardelli and the World Champion UCI Press Graziano Calovi,
sprinter ranking. Competing on the road “gran Fondo” SERENA GAZZINI,
an important past agonistic, already an italian champion of the Juniors
on the road, tricolor jersey on the road and on the track, a profesional racer
in the Tour of Italy , she never lost her passion for cycling and now,
mom for five years, has been called into question, with the number at the back;
and in 2010 took 9 wins, 8 second placer, 2nd in the Italian and 5th in the World;
in 2011 no less than 19 victories, silver & bronze in the italian, silver in World
Champion at St.Johann & bronze in the European time trial won online.
Beside her, SABINE GANDINI, another titrated climber; Italian Champion of the
Mountain in 2011 & Italian Champion on the road in 2012. In her price tour
of the Dolomiti, Dolomiti Stars, GF Zen Air, GF 3 Valli Bresciane, Kitzbuler Horn,
Grossglockner, GF Mittenwald, crono Les Deux Alps, GF M. Pantani & second
place in the Cycle to the Sun in Hawaii (60 km with 3100 meters of altitude);
in 2011 there were 12 victories; in 2012 as many as 16 with 2 stage races such
as Cyprus & Tour in Cyprus. Beside them, other new arrivals and target will
be on the Challenge Giordana, the C.Gaul, the Marcialonga Cycling, Nove Colli,
Dolomiti. 80 other athlete on the list, will complete the staff. In the triathlon we
have 4 members; the point man MARIANO DECARLI, already bronze at the World
Championships as an ironman and came first in the Italian Championship 2005
as an ironman, at the Olimpic & at Duathlon, 2nd Ironman in Southafrica
& finalist at Hawaii, the only Trentino Athlete to qualified, as always.
Good in 2012, with the victory in Francfurt and the summons for the Europeans.
In August, he competed in the «Ironman of New York», and ended in 4th place.

I'll give you now a summary to track down what will be our program for 2013.

Our competitive team is made up of young established and non, will be present
in the World Cup in European events ( 4 events plus final) & in the Swiss Cup
in the Cross Country (holders of Italian National& Mexican) in which will
be supported by 1-2 youth; in international event on the Italian territory
(10 races of Cross Country & 5 of Marathon) with 8-10 athletes & 2-3 companions,
in 6-8 International events in Mexico, to the Panamerican Champions and a
plan to participate in the World Cup in Southafrica with 2-3 athletes convened
in tricolor jersey and the Mexican national European championship in Bern.
With the large group of registered athlete in amateur categories we will be
at the start of the most prestigious races of marathon & cross country
in the region and on the Italian territory; with 2 athletes in the World
Championship on the road in Austria and the European Championship in Sardigna.
With the youngest (13-16 of age) we will be in the Italian Cup, 6 events in the
national territory. Our team aim is a victory in the Italian championship
TEAM RELAY, after 2 silver and one bronze.

In winter, muddy fields and often snowy we propose with the specialist,
MARCO BIANCO, past 8 italian championship, 6 times in the podium.
For him around 40 races, many of which are in Belgium/Switzerland/Netherland
and renew the goal of italian podium, or rather let us say the tricolor jersey
and do figure well as tricolor jersey in the World Tour and World Cup.
He has already won the International Faè , the National Varallo Sesia, stage
of the Tour of Italy and a C2 in Netherland, the stage of the Tour of Italy
in Paternò. With 4-5 young athletes, 2 women and 3-4 master, we will follow
the triveneto calendar, the “Tour of Italy” on 6 try out and we will figure out well
in the Italian Championship. In 2005 we won 2 Italian title with Renate Pichler
and Piergiorgio Dellagiacoma, in 2006 it was reconfirmed the Pichler with
Dellagiacoma and Unterthurner in silver; in 2007 two silver medals
and one bronze. In 2008 in the World Tour, Marco Bianco 20th and Luca Braidot
21st. In 2009 Italian bronze with Bianco and 6th place in the world Juniors
with Braidot. In 2010 bronze with Bianco and Staffler, 2nd place in the Team
classification, 2nd place with Staffler in the Italian Tour and 3rd with Bianco.
In 2011 silver with Marco Bianco and 4th place Tabacchi. In 2012 silver again
with Marco Bianco, 6th place Mirko Tabacchi, 11 th place Martino Fruet in the Elite;
7th place Igor Smarzaro in the Under23; 7th place Ilenia Lazzaro in the Women
Elite. We have at least 2 athlete who were aiming Blue Jersey
(Bianco, Oberparleiter) .

We believe that an association, to have an active part in the sports world should
also organize competitions and events. In this area we burn a lot of energy,
both economic and human. In 2013 we propose 4 classics and maybe
a new entry in which we are thingking. In Spring, 10th of March
Rovereto (TN), a national competition that will award the title “Italiani d’Inverno”
with the young athlete.
In summer, the “VOLANO-MONTE FINONCHIO” on the street, which will be
subtitled “Pedala con le stelle” (Ride with the Stars) because will be revive
in the evening of August 10, the day of Saint Lorenzo and shooting stars.
In autum, in the month of October in Ronzo Chienis the “BIOBIKE 4” in MTB
on the 5th and at VILLA LAGARINA on the 20th, along with
the try outs of triveneto challenge of ciclocross.
No fewer than 1.500 athletes will be engage and association will compete for
the «12th QUAD Challenge - in TRENTINO».

>>>our team

Promotion and school project
Continues our commitment at the level of our area. We have entered the school
curriculum in time eight years ago with fatigue; it is now the time for the school
to ask our initiatives aimed at making known the bike and to promote its use.
Lessons from 3-10, will be integrated with standards of road safety and the
environment, we will refine the technical capacity and coordinative always
favoring the playfull aspect. Joined in time , are the schools at Villa Lagarina,
Ala, Brentonico, Degasperi Rovereto, Orsi Rovereto.
Our teachers of Mountainbike attended course level 2 that the FCI has led us,
first in Italy at Rovereto and brilliantly passed the theoretical and practical
examinations, enriching their professional background.

The Sports Council of the Autonomous Province of Trento, in a series of initiatives
for the promotion of sports in the youth, funded the project “TrentinoLAB
whose implementation was entrusted to CeRiSM (Interuniversity Research
Center in Bioengineering and Sports Science
) led by Prof. Federico Schena
based in Rovereto. The project provides for the implementation of assesment
tests at the laboratory of the Center, which are equipped with advance equipment
and high scientific level, in favor of Athletes identified by the provincial sports
federations of swimming, athletics, skiing and best Athletes of L’Arcobaleno
Carraro Team for off-road cycling. The staff, next to Dr. Schena (Medical
Association), Prof. Impellizzeri, the nutritionist Dra. Suder and coach Alfredo
Brighenti. The project will continue for the next three years.

What do i expect from Executives, Athletes, Sponsors, Employees, Local
Authorities, Media, Supporters and Sympathiser? Surely that they continue
to reward our efforts and our commitments, “riding” on our side of the ideal path
that we set out to accomplish in absolute seriousness and professionalism,
they can still count on the gold mine represented by the voluntary and therefore
can share the greatest satisfactions that we collected for 20 years, bringing up
the name of Rovereto and Trentino in the world.
We are and we knew it, our youth grow up healthy in body and mind;
and the results are not lacking, the economic resources are increasing difficult
to find, but just like good ants we proceed. Our motto is always present
we were good, we will do better”; make it your own. In summary we think
we have presented you the program for 2013, thanks again for what you have
given us and we reserved, we remain at your disposal for any clarification
and we send our warmest greetings.

Paolo Garniga [transl. Cecilia Santos]

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